Oracle has been unknown for years as the world’s largest application provider. Acquired by acquisitions, Oracle has significantly expanded its competitive edge over the last few years. In 2016, Oracle took over the CLOUD-based ERP NetSuite as a further strategic takeover.

The Full Speed Systems Competences

Optimized and agile business processes from your reliable partner with 20 years of success. From pre-design to operation your reliable partner.

Full Speed Systems (FSS) provides cost-effective overall solutions that enable SMBs to create flexible and scalable business processes in a short space of time, based on NetSuite and JD Edwards, with a work contract.

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Full Speed Systems ERP solutions


NetSuite is a REINE ERP / CRM-CLOUD solution for small and medium-sized business enterprises, service and production companies with 10 to 500 users with an international focus. The NetSuite, which has existed since 1998, is rich in functionality. It provides an extended set of modules. The integrated e-commerce, webshop and POS module supports wholesalers and retailers in their Omnichannel business. Needless to say, these modules are fully integrated with all other ERP modules such as Warehouse & Fulfillment. NetSuite also provides specific functionalities for service and production companies such as project business, production management, planning & scheduling, product data management and quality management, as well as MES integration. The new Advanced Manufacturing Module supports both discrete and process manufacturing.

The Oracle ERP NetSuite solution is available only as “software from the socket”, i.e. Oracle takes over the complete operation, release change, monitoring, load balancing etc.

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JD Edwards

With over 24,000 installations across the globe, JD Edwards ranks as one of the world’s most widely distributed and most successful Enterprise Software systems for medium-sized businesses. First introduced in 1977, the solution now belongs to Oracle, the world’s leading business software vendor. Oracle has dedicated 7,000 developers to JD Edwards alone, making it in this respect one of the two best supported systems in the world. Oracle guarantees that JD Edwards will be supported at least until 2026.

Even in its standard configuration, JD Edwards contains all the features and processes medium-sized businesses require. In addition, it can be further enhanced using numerous industry-specific, best-of-breed components. The system has a reputation for being highly affordable and adaptable. Its open standards and service-oriented architecture (SOA) help reduce implementation costs.

Oracle’s most current versions are JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (9.2) and JD Edwards World (A9.3). Full Speed Systems has spent two years parameterizing and configuring JD Edwards EnterpriseOne so that it ideally suits Swiss medium-sized businesses. We call the resulting all-inclusive system Full Speed EnterpriseOne – and have very successfully introduced it to the market. Full Speed Systems draws on twenty years of experience to serve as the Oracle systems integrator for the 150 or so international enterprises that use JD Edwards at their Swiss facilities.

Oracle is the world market leader with respect to IT platforms, middleware, data bases, business software and programming languages (Java). It offers the world’s fastest servers (Exadata X3 with 26 TB RAM), and ranks among the leading storage vendors (Sun). Thanks to Solaris, Oracle possesses a state-of-the-art object-oriented operating system. What is more, Oracle is the only Enterprise Software vendor to provide complete IT architectures – from server farms in datacenters all the way to printed forms in the corporate design of the customer.


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