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The number 1 ERP CLOUD solution

NetSuite is the world’s No. 1 ERP CLOUD solution that provides your organization with a single, web-based solution to address the core business processes, such as:


• CRM and Ecommerce

• Cloud Platform

to integrate.

With NetSuite, you can unravel the costly tangle of various business applications and use a single system for accounting / ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and more. This allows you to automate your processes, gain more insight into the business and drive productivity.

Built-in Business Intelligence (Business Analysis) provides clear insight into financial, sales and service results through roll-based dashboards and real-time reports. A 360 degree view of the customer ensures unified customer information for marketing, sales and service, improving collaboration and eliminating duplicate, outdated customer information.

NetSuite’s web-based solutions enable your employees to access critical business information from anywhere in the world. With the support of popular mobile devices, NetSuite customers can access their operating applications directly from their handheld devices.

NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform supports proven application customization to meet NetSuite needs – whether it is specific workflows, integration, or tailored logic. And even better: how many adjustments you make, you always work with the latest version.

With certifications like SAS 70 Type II, PCI DSS and EU-US Safe Harbor, NetSuite meets the highest standards and creates confidence in security. And with multiple data centers, automatic data backup, and a tight service agreement, NetSuite provides more robust infrastructure than typical site-based deployments.

NetSuite offers specific industry versions for software companies that require advanced revenue recognition, vendors or wholesalers with multi-site inventory and production, professional service organizations with dissimilar resources and complex multi-currency customer billing, as well as single / online multi-channel merchants.

As a public company with large cash reserves and extensive international operations, NetSuite is a partner to its customers who has the resources to drive their long-term success.


NetSuite OneWorld extends the functionality of NetSuite and offers the following additional functions:

• Several companies in one system

• Continuous transparency from the company’s mother to all branches

• Support for Intercompany Business

• Consolidation functions operational and financial in real time

• Multiple currencies and parallel tax differentiation

• Flexible adjustment possibilities per company


The benefits of NetSuite for you as a company at a glance:

• Acceleration of the financial accounts by 20-50%

• Reduction of the cycle from bid to payment by 50% or more

• Reduction of accounting costs by 25-75%

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