NetSuite Cloud-Plattform

Real-time dashboards, reporting, analysis and planning

NetSuite provides enterprises with the power of built-in real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis – directly integrated into the ERP, CRM, or e-commerce program that employees use every day. Professional users receive a personalized insight into the latest business figures, whether they are results from finance, sales, customer service or marketing.

  • Provides personalized, roll-based, real-time dashboards and reporting across the enterprise, from accounting and distribution to e-commerce and customer service
  • Transparent Drilldown: with only a few clicks from an overview to the detailed view, down to the underlying transaction
  • Complete self-service reporting allows easy and spontaneous reporting, additional data fields, custom formulas, and report sharing

Netsuite Graphik

Easy personalization and customization

NetSuite offers unlimited customization options, including managing sophisticated forms, graphical workflow management, scripts, web services, and more. Companies that work with NetSuite can confidently see adjustments. All customizations automatically migrate with each new NetSuite version.

With SuiteFlow, skilled users can quickly create rule-based point-and-click workflows that automate and streamline operations – whether they are implementing an automated pooling process or creating rule-based lead maintenance.

Netsuite Graphik2

SuiteTalk and SuiteScript provide comprehensive web services and process logic to support integration and operational logic, enabling global organizations to intertwine NetSuite with internal and external systems and tailor them to specific operating processes. A number of third-party solutions in the SuiteApp Partner Directory ( gives you additional flexibility to extend and deepen NetSuite.