NetSuite OneWorld ERP

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Powerful financial management

NetSuite’s financial management provides comprehensive accounting functions that accelerate your financial statements, provide strong billing and expense management, streamline order and revenue management, and provide a complete view of real-time and reporting on the management of business finance.

  • Provides more than 100 standard reports, including profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports, and counter-narratives – or simply create and define financial reports according to your organization’s requirements
  • Flexible general ledger and flexible accounts for trade receivables and payables; Supports an unlimited number of general ledger accounts, sub-accounts, and segments Automated assignments, currency management tools, and period locks simplify the closing process at the end of the period
  • Asset management enables the management and control of the entire asset lifecycle of all assets with and without impairment, from generation through impairment, revaluation and disposal
  • Maintains various accounting and business practices in different countries and supports local reporting and tax regulations Full support for multi-currency accounting for offices in other countries or when dealing with foreign companies

End-to-end order management

  • NetSuite accelerates your order processing from quotation through order to invoice with a single integrated process that reduces manual effort, eliminates errors, and speeds up job management
  • Converts offers to approved customer orders and forwards them to the finance team for invoicing and revenue realization
  • Integrates order execution with inventory management and vendors, making every single step more efficient
  • Integrates rules for pricing and discounts automatically into the bidding process
  • Automates revenue realization by recognizing rules on how customer orders are settled and executed
  • Reduces execution errors by the electronic forwarding of orders to suppliers for direct shipment
  • Provides real-time visibility into the entire order management process and displays orders, trends and order conversion
  • Automates the creation of invoices by the calculation of sales tax, financing expenses and discounts based on payment terms
  • Provides flexibility to make invoices in advance, invoices in arrears, as well as invoices pro rata for incomplete months
  • Eliminates re-entering data by simply accepting payments through a range of payment options

Advanced procurement, inventory and execution management

NetSuite’s procurement, inventory, and execution management provides a full set of capabilities that provide integrated supply chain management, while NetSuite’s merchandise and vendor management capabilities help reduce the cost of goods and services that streamline procurement-to-pay processes Compliance with all company policies.

  • Enables employees to create and track product purchase requisitions and self-service orders
  • Personal center, hhich eliminates paper forms and related errors
  • Establishes strong approval processes for orders with automatic approval control and digital approvals
  • Provides detailed real-time insight into the key figures of spending, inventory, and supply chain management
  • Multiple site inventory management simplifies the assignment of which warehouse location receives or executes an order
  • Provides comprehensive cost estimates for inventory, including LIFO (Last In First Out), FIFO (First In First Out), average and standard cost calculation
  • Integrated demand planning predicts the required inventory levels based on historical data, sales forecasts, average trends and seasonal fluctuations
  • An integrated supplier center offers suppliers self-service access to customer orders, data on trade payables and other important information
  • Provides integrated shipping with carriers such as USPS, FedEx and UPS

Management of professional services

NetSuite streamlines the entire lifecycle of professional services – from marketing, project management, service execution, billing, and revenue management to successive deals with existing customers. NetSuite provides built-in service management or integrates with NetSuite OpenAir, the best automation solution for professional services (PSA) to achieve full resource planning for services (SRP).

  • Manage all project-related data in a single system and easily track any job in real-time
  • Provides real-time updates on project status and key results through the use of project management and time tracking
  • Supports the management and analysis of project finance, from preparation preparation to time and expense tracking, customer billing systems and internal backflushing
  • Streamlines invoice, expense, and time management with a complete integration of the self-service process and easy web-based access and approval from anywhere
  • Enables team members to submit their time and expenses, as well as to monitor projects