NetSuite OneWorld CRM / Ecommerce

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Automation for sales, marketing and services

NetSuite automates your entire marketing process across all channels, enabling you to better align your campaigns and programs with your sales efforts. The automation of the sales process controls your operating performance with a completely seamless sales process from opportunity, additional sales and offer management through sales forecasting, order management, execution up to sales revisions. Call center management tracks cases, allocates them, and, if necessary, directs them to higher levels to enable faster, more efficient customer service. The 360-degree view of customers in NetSuite gives your marketing, sales, and customer service a complete picture of the customer.

  • Enables the creation, execution, and tracking of campaigns in real-time to maximize the value of your leads and opportunities
  • Provides e-mail marketing from creation to execution in a single system
  • Allows the sales team and partners to manage opportunities through status, potential sales, key contacts, annotations, related documents, and more
  • Enables real-time bid management by automatically integrating pricing, sales, and discount pricing into the offering
  • Supports sophisticated sales commission plans based on quotas, sales, quantity, profitability and other criteria
  • Process management automates the business processes in connection with allocation, administration and forwarding of customer service cases
  • Mobile device support, such as NetSuite for iPhone, provides sales representatives with access to calendars, contacts, opportunities, and KPIs, such as Achieved value vs. Quote, Actual value versus forecast, commissions, and more



NetSuite makes it possible to provide an “” experience, and to manage and grow the entire enterprise with a fully IPC-compliant and integrated e-commerce system.

  • Website hosting allows the implementation of database-based sites that always run synchronously with the rest of the business
  • Accepts real-time payments through various credit cards and in international currencies and supports Google or PayPal payment options
  • Supports the creation of vouchers or discounts for specific articles, allows exceptions for other articles of discounts and offers automatic additional sales recommendations
  • Streamlines order management by automatically forwarding orders to the accounts receivable and warehouse department
  • E-commerce analysis provides search engine analysis, website analysis and reporting, online marketing analysis and more